Monday, August 22, 2011

Tender Mercy of the Lord

21 July 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Hola!! I hope you are all doing so well!! I feel so happy today...just thinking of how much the Lord is blessing me and each of you.

To start out, last week I think I talked about how I was asked to give the closing prayer in spanish in sacrament meeting next Sunday (last sunday) and yeah it was awesome!! haha I thought a little bit about what I would say before the meeting, but as I got up and began walking up to the pulpit, my stomach was filling up with butterflies. Then, I was like... why should I be nervous, I pray in spanish multiple times every day, so no reason to be nervous. Well, I was still a little nervous haha but it went well. I got up there... and thanks to the speakers who spoke by the spirit, I felt guided in spanish of what to say...saying things that I
hadn't planned to say! Nobody came up to me after the prayer saying I said something wrong, so I am pretty happy :) haha

A little later on Sunday, we went to the cafeteria for lunch before our next meeting and I brought my backpack with me with Preach My Gospel and tons of other stuff that I needed with me. I put my backpack on the rack before going to lunch and as you can probably guess, I came back to get it after I finished eating and it was no where to be found. I thought, "oh no!" haha But at the same time, I wasn't too worried about it because I figured that if I wanted and needed it bad enough, the Lord would help me to find it. So anyway, I went to my meetings after lunch and I didn't need the things that were in my backpack. Then, Monday came around and the lady at the front desk called my name. At this point, I knew it was my backpack. Sure enough, I went to the front desk and there it was!!! haha yes!! And it was perfect because after this, my companions and I were preparing to teach our progressing investigator, so I needed the materials in my backpack. So...from this
experience, my testimony was strengthened that the Lord knows our needs and wants. He knows us by name and he will help us in times of need!! I was super happy to get my bag back. haha And it's crazy how little miracles come into our lives like this all the time and we don't even notice them. So as for my thought for you all today...look for the Lord's hand in your life daily. He truly is there all the time. I have been amazed as I have been reading the scriptures, the word "remember"
is in the Book of Mormon so much. We need to remember our blessings so that we have greater faith in times of trial. ;)

Next of all, I have been meeting with a spanish tutor like 2-3 times each week...and that has helped me SO much. The tutor is way nice and helps me mucho with the language. He has helped my spanish a lot and right now I just had the thought of how it's kind of like the Savior. The Savior is our tutor in life. If we turn to him, not just in times of need, then he will always help us and bless us!

Earlier this week, about 20 of us Elders at the MTC from American Fork got together for a picture. That was awesome and it was fun to see them all at the same time. Although, there were still a few Elders from A.F. who weren't there...they forgot about it. haha but esta bien!

And one more thing...one night earlier this week, a member of our district presidency came into our classroom and said that we have 10 minutes to prepare to teach him about the 1st vision in SPANISH. We were like: oh, ok, cool! haha So, we split up the lesson between the 5 of us in our district and then after 10 minutes, we went upstairs and taught him. It was an awesome experience. The first vision is so powerful. I love teaching that lesson. He complimented on our spanish and said he
felt the spirit!! yes!! haha

The MTC is awesome. I love it. And time is flying by. I really can't believe that today is another preparation day. It feels like last week's was just yesterday.
seriously. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love the gospel, the church is true, and may you see God's hand in your life :)

Elder Vawdrey

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