Monday, August 22, 2011

The life of a missionary in Sioux City, Iowa!!

Amigos y Familia,

Wow. It has been a crazy past week, lots of changes, and lots of great experiences!! I lied in my last letter about being in Nebraska...my first area is in Sioux City, Iowa. However, my area has part of South Dakota and Nebraska as well. It is a different world out here. Different culture, different people, but the church is the same and it is GREAT!!

After a great experience in the MTC, I got on the plane with 14 other Elders and sisters to fly to Nebraska.. one other elder was spanish speaking. We were met at the airport by our great mission president, President Kunz. He is such a great President. I love him. But the airport was pretty funny. So...if I can remember everything that happened, first of all...my bags weighed too much so I had to switch some things around. Then, when we went through the thingy, haha not sure what it's called...I put my carry-on through the security belt and the light went off. I had hair gel in my carry on so I had to throw that away. Then, when we arrived in Nebraska, my carry-on bag was gone. But, to make a long story short, all of us traveling Elders and Sisters got some good laughs and I arrived safely with all of my things after all :) Just gave the day some more spice, I guess you could say!!

It is very humid here.. so that has been crazy. But my first day here in the field was spent with the other new missionaries and President Kunz visiting all of the history sites here and it was so much fun. We had a big testimony meeting the first night, had interviews with President Kunz, and had some amazing food. We also were assigned to go with an experienced Elder or Sister for our first splits. And I went with Elder Starkey. We didn't have much success...after knocking on doors until we saw an Apartment complex. And I looked at him and was like "Ah yeah!!!" hahaha So we went over the the complex and the whole time I was thinking in my mind, I want our goal to be to enter into someone's home and teach the first lesson. Well, sure enough, at the very first door, we knocked and they immediately invited us in. Wow. And guess what, yeah! we taught them the first lesson!! haha. It was a tiny apartment with 2 families and the lesson was awesome. The committed to read the book of mormon and they want another appointment. So this was a total miracle. This was in the Omaha area, so other Elders will continue to teach them.

As for my companion, he is awesome! His name is Elder Rigby from Provo, UT. He is athletic, played as quarterback at Provo High and may try-out for BYU football. He is a big guy! haha He has lots of experience out here in the field and is currently the district leader. He is really nice, has great faith, is really good with people, doesn't worry much about things, and loves the cold!! haha I quickly found that out after my first night with him when I woke up to the thermometer at 55 degrees. What? hahaha. I pretty much froze but it was a good way to wake us both up. haha It actually felt really nice.

The mission field here is different than I expected. I thought I would teach lessons non-stop, but as for here in Iowa, right now it is pretty much just a SERVICE mission. There has been lots of flooding out here so we have been putting up and breaking down sand bag walls. It is hard work, but I am getting some big biceps ;) Anyway, the people are SO nice here. The members are so kind. I haven't had to cook a single meal yet. wow. And we get fed lots of steak, chicken, beans, and tacos. Wow...I'm gonna get so fat. haha

All in all, the mission is amazing. My companion is great, the people are amazing, and there is lots of work. I hope you are all having a great week and for those of you getting ready for school, I wish you the best. Thanks for much for your love, and your cards. I love you all so much. Hope you got a little taste of the sweet city of Sioux ;)

Elder Vawdrey

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