Monday, August 22, 2011

Letter #1

20 June 2011
Hola Mi Familia!!

Como estas? I am doing muy bien! We have been given a few minutes to write a letter home today. The MTC is AMAZING! Wow. After hugs, tears, and all that jazz, all the elders were so welcoming and I just had no desire to cry. I know that I am in the Lord’s hands! Before I even entered the doors, I saw Elder Robby Lee! That was so sweet to see him. Then, I saw several other missionaries here throughout the day that I know from school, A.F. Heritage Tours, etc.

After I got my nametag, I met my espanol professoro, Brother Dangerfield. When he told me his name, I was like “Great!” haha But he is a great guy and the spirit is EVERYWHERE! I quickly met my companion “Elder Hansen” and he is from good old BOISE, IDAHO! Haha  Booyah! He played football in HS and so is athletic, but he also has a great testimony. He has been a really nice kid and is a great listener! And he weighs 170 lbs...in case you were wondering!

For dinner I at roast beef...MTC lunch lady style! haha and I must say I was pretty impressed. We soon heard from the President of the MTC and got to take part in teaching investigators. And wow, it was AMAZING! I shared my testimony to this one guy and shared the first discussion. Honestly, it’s not as overwhelming as I thought it would be here! It is wonderful here. Muy bien! Time flies like crazy.

I need to go, but just know that I am doing great! I love it here! I am super excited that today finally arrived. I will be writing letters on Thursdays, I think...but we won’t have time tomorrow! Buenos suerte this week and have tons of fun! I love you all mucho much. Ty and Dad, good luck with RAGNAR! The Church is true!

PS: Today is Thursday now. I didn’t send this letter yet because I had no time. But, I have a few more minutes to write. :) Sooo, mornings are crazy. Everyone wants to go to the showers at the same time, so my companion and I are going to try to switch things up so that we aren’t so stressed in the morning.

I had my first companionship study today and we studied Spanish. And no, it is not a cake walk here! There are a few missionaries in my district that are already really good at Spanish, so that is sweeet! Having other people that know more will help me to grow more and grow more rapidly. My companion and I are trying to talk in Spanish as much as possible. We laugh when we can’t pronounce the words right! It’s busy here, but SO amazing!!

Elder Vawdrey

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