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Espanol is rolling!

14 July 2011

Hola mi amigos y familia!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Lots of rain I hear. You Gotta love the rain... and of course the sun!! ah yeah!! And thank you all for your letters. It is always fun to get a letter. :)

It has been an amazing week this past week. I have learned a lot!! To start out...I have a new companion, making us a 3-sum. Elder Stearns is the one that just joined us. He is really nice and is good at speaking spanish. So I'm excited to work with him. And this week, as a companionship, we taught all of our lessons to our investigators in spanish!! It was SO awesome. And I am understanding almost all of the words in our lessons. I still have a lot to learn, but I am receiving so much help from the Lord and my companions. Teaching lessons in spanish is now like my favorite thing to do... it makes me feel SO good. haha and more importantly, it makes the investigator feel super good too. :)

On Sunday night, after church and devotional, we watched the "Testaments" and wow is that a great movie or what?!! My favorite part of the whole movie was at the very end when Christ ministered among the people and healed the sick. Jacob took his blind father to see Jesus Christ. When he was walking his father to see Christ...his father (Helaman) asked: "is it really him? where is he? what does he look like? what is he doing?" I pretty much lost it at this point. haha It made me ponder upon those people in Nebraska. Missionary Work is bringing the blind to see again the truth and happiness they once knew. AH!! I love missionary work.

Earlier this week, one of our teachers (Hermana Murillo) acted as an investigator for us again. During our lesson...she cried, and the spirit was really strong. Then, that night, we had a testimony meeting and she explained how important missionary work is and how much she has seen us all grow and teach with the spirit!! Nothing meant more to me than when she said that she has seen me grow so much with spanish and that Heavenly Father is truly helping me. I know that I am being helped everyday. But, the next day in class... we had a big shocker! Our other teacher's boss came into our class and asked our teacher to come out in the hall for a minute. When he came back in, he continued to teach us the lesson and then explained that our district was going to be combining with another district
because there are so many more missionaries coming in soon. We were all shocked!! We couldn't believe it. One elder in our district broke his watch because he was so angry. haha But... this was probably the hardest moment so far of the MTC experience knowing that we now will have new teachers and investigators :( Well, the next morning, we moved all of our stuff into the classroom with the new district. And after about an hour of class, we were in the middle of companionship study outside and then we found out that we no longer had to combine districts!!!!! YES!!! They made a mistake with the combining of districts. Wow... I can't even describe how happy I was. This was a bitter-sweet experience for my whole district because we were all so close and we were going to have to combine with several other missionaries. But, it worked out afterall!! And then, more good news, the last hermana in our district got her visa to go to Dominican Republic and she left that day. crazy. So there is 5 of us Elders together in our district with our same teachers and investigators. So...life has its up's and down's but there is always more up's, depending on how you look at it!! So, find the positives!!!

Yesterday, our teacher Hermana Murillo was teaching us about how to help our future investigators to know how to overcome addictions. She told us that its important for us to know how they feel as they strive to overcome their addictions...and the only way to do that is by overcoming an addiction ourselves. Then, she said: "I want you all to overcome your addiction of speaking English." haha The whole class went silent. haha But, I know that this is an opportunity for me to really grow and learn spanish so I am really excited to do this challenge and get a glimpse of how investigators will feel.

Today, I was confronted by my zone leaders who asked if I would give the closing
prayer in sacrament meeting on Sunday in spanish. I gladly acceptable the request and know that this is another blessing from the Lord giving me an opportunity to practice spanish in front of a group.

The MTC is wonderful. I love every minute of it and I am learning so much!! I hope you all have another wonderful week. Enjoy this wonderful summer weather!!!

Elder Brian Vawdrey

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