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Going to work!

28 July 2011

Hola familia y amigos!

How's the summer going? I can't believe it is already 1/2 over ;)

I had many awesome experiences this week! First of all, when we taught one of our progressing investigators last week. We were wrapping up our lesson and talking about the importance of prayer. It was going great and then after my companion finished a thought that he had, he told the investigator that I was going to teach her how to pray. And I was like... yeah! haha It was really funny because, we weren't planning on teaching our investigator about how to pray during this lesson, and so I didn't know exactly how to teach it in spanish because I didn't know the vocabulary. Wellst, I just explained it the best way I could...sometimes just by showing her what to do instead of saying it. haha But I'm grateful for this opportunity. My companion already knew how to teach people how to pray, but he decided to give me the opportunity. So that was awesome. Then, our other progressive
investigator, after we had taught the lesson, I concluded with my testimony and I was using words that I have never said before in spanish. It was so sweet. I had heard the words said before, but I had never used them before. And I was using them...now that was SO sweet!! haha

Next of all, as a district, we decided to make the rule that we wouldn't say a single word of English during gym time. And if we say a word in English, then we have to stop playing basketball and run the rest of the gym period. Well, on Monday, I believe, we were having a dandy old time playing basketball. After the game, we were shooting again for teams, and when one of my companions was shooting. I yelled out: "LET'S GO ELDER!!" nooooo!!! hahaha So I spent the rest of gym time
running around the track, haha. Atleast I was encouraging my companion on the way right?!! haha. So, this happened once again later in the week... I said: "PICK LEFT." So.. I will probably never forget those 2 words in spanish again for as long as I live. haha. But, this rule has really pushed me. It makes me only speak spanish. And when someone starts talking to me in English, I just talk back in spanish... and hope that he stops talking soon. haha jk

In the line for food during lunch the other day, I noticed that standing behind me was one of the spanish teachers here at the MTC. For a minute, I didn't want to say anything to him because he was native...and I knew he would talk muy rapido. Well, my only decision was to be confident when he asked me where I was going to serve my
mission...and stuff.. in spanish haha. so I talked to him for a bit He is from Argentina, and I was like "hey!" my sister is serving her mission there. haha So that was really cool to talk to a native spanish speaker during lunch for a bit. And what really made my week was on Sunday during lunch. There was an Elder in line behind me going on a spanish speaking mission as well... and I was thinking, hey I'm going to talk to this Elder. So I did. ha And I talked with him in spanish for
like 15 minutes. Seriously. It was SO cool!!

Also this week in my scripture study, I learned so much and felt the love of the Savior. I have been reading in Alma, and I read through the chapters of Ammon cutting off arms, The Anti-Nephi-Lehies, the 2000 striplings warriors, and Alma the Younger. Wow, those stories are powerful. I felt the spirit very strongly as I read these stories. I loved the story about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and how they buried their weapons of war deep in the earth. What are our weapons? What are things in our lives that are keeping us from feeling the love of God or his spirit everyday? I realized that I could bury some things in my own life, and that has blessed me this week. We need to bury those things in our lives that are making us angry or unhappy about life. When we stop thinking of ourselves and start serving others, we will feel amazing joy. I have really tried to do that this week and I have experienced a great week. Focusing on serving others brings such purpose to life and
the joy of the Savior. And then, I also love the story of Alma the Younger and how the Lord was merciful enough to save his life. An individual who had gone contrary to God's will and the Lord helped Alma realize what he was doing wrong. And then Alma became one of the greatest missionaries known to mankind. wow. what a great story. I know it to be true. God loves us all, and he will help all of us to bring
about good works when we turn to him and bury our weapons!!

Then, of course the devotionals every week are awesome. For those of you who need patience, this is for you. haha :) "Patience=the process of perfection: accepting that which cannot change and working against it. Firm, steadfast, and immovable, even when it's hard." And also..."It's often in the waiting than in the receiving that we learn the most." And then... "When someone says you can't, listen to the part of you that says you can." haha whoot. Now you get a taste of what the
devotionals are like here. Amazing.

I hope you all have a great week and remember who you really are: Children of God. He loves you so much. Thanks for your letters and all your love and support!

Elder Vawdrey

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