Monday, May 6, 2013

"I stand at the door...and use my card"

Familia y Amigos,

Once again I wanna give a little shout out to my little brother Jayson and little sister Angi!! JJ, I hope you had an awesome birthday/Cinco de Mayo, and that you also have an awesome birthday, Angi! (this week) You guys are getting old. Holy smokes!

This last week was transfer week, and I am super excited that I am going to finish my mission here in Grand Island with Elder Wells! I was really hoping I would stay here and so my prayers were answered!

There were several good things that happened this last week. First of all, we met with the lady that we did a fast for two weeks ago. She told us that she is seeing the blessings that have come so far as a result of that fast. Her son that was making some bad choices is now at a correction center and from what we have heard, he is making great progress. This lady pretty much testified to us that she knows good things come little by little. She was unable to go to church this past Sunday, but we did find out that she has been reading the Book of Mormon on her own and is already in Alma! So we hope that she continues to see God's blessings in her life and that she will soon understand that in order to feel more of God's love and peace, she needs to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

As for other investigator, she is also progressing well. She came to church again yesterday, and she is planning on getting baptized on Saturday. We hope that all goes well for her and that it all works out.

We also met with our other great family this week. They are an investigator family and were taught by missionaries several years ago. In our visit last night, [the husband] told us that he always feels good when we come over and it makes him want to learn more. We were excited to see that he is sensitive to the Spirit and we look forward to working more with their family this next week! And then, he offered the closing prayer at the end of our visit and it was SO awesome. I love hearing investigators pray for the first time, it's so great!

And lastly, I had really cool experience with unlocking doors. So we were doing exchanges with the Elders in North Platte, and at the middle of the day we realized that we had forgotten to grab the referral sheet of the people we were going to try later in the day. So we went back to the Elders' apartment to get the referral sheet and when we got there the door was locked. Well, the Elder I was with tried to pick the lock with one of my cards (without any luck). He then asked me, "Can you do it?" I said, "We'll see." I said a prayer in my head and then the first time I stuck the card in the door, it opened!! haha. God is great to us!

I hope you all have a great week and that you see God's hand in your lives!! Thanks for all you do. Love you all.
Elder Vawdrey

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