Monday, May 20, 2013

Blessings from on High

Familia y Amigos,

Buenas tardes! Blessings from on high were in abundance once again for us here this past week! I enjoy writing you each week because I am also reminded of a few blessings we received during the week. God is good to us...to all of us.

On Wednesday we had our monthly Zone Meeting, and for one of the role plays we got together in districts and each shared a blessing that we'd recently received after exercising faith. The Spirit was strong as each missionary shared their experiences and there was a lot of excitement for the work as a result! Elder Wells and I had a cool opportunity this past week to serve our branch president. He planned to tear up a good part of his backyard because the grass was dead and he asked if we could help him pull up all of the sod. We jumped at the opportunity and started pulling up the sod. Pretty soon we realized that it would take a while, so as we were picking it all up we were trying to figure out how to be most efficient with our time. As we were about to finish, we figured out a way how to roll up the dead sod just right so that it could be picked up quickly. By the time we had found out the easier way we were kind of frustrated because we were like "Man, I wish we would've known this easier way before we started, but then we realized that that's what the Atonement is all about. As life goes on, we learn more and more. Life is about progression. The goal is to become a better person as we go throughout life. So, don't look back.

This week, we had a Family Home Evening with a family in our branch who also invited one of our recent converts to join them. We talked about temples and the Plan of Salvation, and it was a spirit-filled lesson. The member family was showing the new member a picture of each temple on earth today and it strengthened MY testimony about how it is the Lord's house. I'm grateful that we are blessed with places like the temple to feel an abundance of the Spirit!

We also were able to meet with another investigator family this week. They unfortunately weren't able to make it to church yesterday, but they have been keeping their reading commitments, so they are doing well. We hope to visit them a few more times this week!

Tomorrow we are having a Zone Conference with the Lincoln Stake, so we are looking forward to that in learning more about how to help our investigators. And, we had some incredible thunderstorms this past week. I've never seen so much rainfall in such a short amount of time!

I hope you are all doing great! Thanks for all you do. Have a great week!

Elder Vawdrey

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