Monday, January 28, 2013

Passing through Lexington!

Familia y Amigos

This week we were outside of our area a lot. We went on exchanges with 3 different companionships and worked in their areas. I really enjoyed going back to Lexington and working with the Elders there. It was fun to see several of the people that they are teaching that I use to help teach. It was cool to see Elder Harker there with his new companion as well and to see that things are going well for them!

On Monday this past week we did a Family Home Evening with a recent convert and his family and it was awesome. When we got there, we were a bit surprised because his daughter said that she had a lesson prepared. So she taught us all about tithing and she helped me find a sweet scripture in the Book of Mormon that talks about tithing, so that was sweet. And then after her lesson, we watched "The Restoration" movie with them. I love that movie. It is super powerful and makes me appreciate Joseph Smith more and more each time I watch it. But we are really excited about our investigator. He reads from his scriptures every day and we get text messages from him often asking questions about the Gospel.

But it amazes me how even though we were out of our area for several days this week, the Lord still helped us to have success in our area. It was great to see a handful of our investigators at church even though we weren't able to have a sit down visit with them this last week. Then, probably my favorite part of this week was to see 8 hispanic priesthood holders in Priesthood class on Sunday. Usually it's only like 4 or 5...but this week a few less-active men came and that was so cool to see. We kind of had to drag one guy to church, but he wanted to come and he seemed to have a good time so hopefully he comes back again next week! He told us to knock on his window Sunday morning to make sure he was awake. We did that and then pretty soon he came out with a thumbs up and said he was awake. haha. But then we were 1/2 way through the first hour of church and he still didn't show up, so we went and passed by his house again, and he had fallen back asleep. haha But he woke up, got ready and then came to church, so we were way excited!

It has been a good week. I hope you all can say the same and I hope you all have a great upcoming week! Thanks for all your love and support.

Elder Vawdrey

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