Monday, January 14, 2013

God is good to us!

Familia y Amigos,

Another week has gone by that was full of miracles. The phrase "God is good to us" has come to mind several times this past week. It has been great to serve with Elder Morgan, the other Elders who live with us, and those we are teaching.

Fortunately, we were able to see the fruits of the labors from the Elders before us. I'm grateful for their hard work and because of it, Elder Morgan and I have been able to see the results of all that they've done. It has reminded me that this work isn't about me. And I don't change people. Change is a result of the Spirit over a period of time.

There were two individuals that were baptized this past weekend. The first was a single mom with a handful of kids and we knew that her heart was in the right place when last week she decided to walk to church since her car wouldn't start. She lives more than a mile away from the church and it was freezing cold outside. That was evidence to me that she has great faith.

And then another guy got baptized. His wife and 2 kids were already members of the Church and so it was so cool to see him be baptized so that their family can now be an eternal family. It's actually a pretty crazy story with him. So, he apparently has been going to church off and on for the past 3 years and missionaries would teach him, but when Elder Morgan and his previous companion went to teach him, they invited him to be baptized and he said: "Oh. I didn't know I could get baptized. The other Elders never invited me to get baptized." So Elder Morgan and his previous companion were like "What?" haha so after making sure he was all good to go, he got baptized. But anyway, he has a solid testimony. And both [converts] are planning on going to the temple for the first time in two weeks! It is such a privilege to be a part of this work.

Also at church yesterday we had a new family move into the branch and they have just SUPER solid testimonies of the Gospel. The husband walked right up to the Branch President and said "Hey, I am here to serve, you just let me know how I can help." I was amazed when I saw this and it made me so excited. It reminded me of a scripture. I believe Christ said it to Heavenly Father: "Behold, Here am I, send me." I feel as if I want to say the same. I hope the Lord trusts me to do whatever He wants me to do.

I spoke in church on Sunday in Spanish for the first time and I felt like it went really well. I just hope somebody got something out of it. I know I did as I was preparing for it.

After church, and the baptisms, Elder Morgan and I were super starving. It was like 4:30pm and we hadn't eaten lunch yet. The church is several miles away from where we live and the people we wanted to see all lived near the church. We decided that we would sacrifice a little more hunger so that we could visit a few more people. That's when we visited with P and G, and the first thing they asked us when they invited us in was, "Have you eaten yet?" We told them no and then they fed us. Elder Morgan leaned over to me and said: "God is good to us!" About 30 seconds later, P was talking about how the Lord blessed their family with a lot of food and then he said word for word "God is good to us!"

It is true. I feel as if I have really learned this since I've come to Grand Island. I'm grateful for those who want to serve others and that through them we can feel God's love. and then right after that visit, we went to another investigator family's home and they fed us a huge plate of food...Ah, too much good. haha

And there were several other miracles that happened this past week. I hope that you can all look back and try to find a miracle that the Lord gave you. The more we do it, the easier it is to see. Have a great week. Thanks for all your love and support.

Elder Vawdrey

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