Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's a New Year!!

Familia y Amigos,

I wish you a late Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Sorry, I don't think I sent out a letter last week. There was so much going on, and our P-day was on Christmas Eve and the libraries were closed. But I hope that you all have enjoyed these past few holidays and have a vision for another great year! I still need to set my new year resolutions. haha. We had a great Christmas and New Years here in Lexington. It was great to talk with my family and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do that through Skype. Thanks family and friends for all you do and your great examples...it means so much to me. I wanna give a little shout out to one of my best buddies, Jeff Nelson! I'm proud to call you my friend. I hope you had a great mission. I heard your talk was amazing. I hope that you are doing well, that you adjust back to normal life, and that you continually feel of God's love. Thanks so much for your great example.

This e-mail is going to be a hard one for me because I'm pretty much in shock right now and surprised at the confidence the Lord has in me. I feel that He has more confidence in me than I do and for that I am so grateful. Tomorrow is transfer day and I've been called to serve in Grand Island, Nebraska with Elder Morgan (FROM AMERICAN FORK) as a Zone Leader. I'm so pumped to serve with Elder Morgan but I am feeling very inadequate. I'm not sure why the Lord wants me to serve there, but I will do my best to serve the best I can and strive to overcome my personal weaknesses so that I can serve Him with all my heart. I am going to miss Elder Harker and all the people here in Lexington. I served for 6 months here and feel that the Lord has taught me a lot. It hurts to say good-bye but I know it won't be forever. I hope that our investigators and the members here continue to Endure to the End and trust in the Lord. And I hope that they all gained something through me and that they will know that I feel privileged to have served with them.

We received many blessings once again this week. We were able to meet and teach a lady named K. She is friends with several members here and we met her at the birthday party of one of the members here. We got to know her a little bit and then asked if we could stop by sometime and share a message about Jesus Christ. She accepted the invitation and we have already seen her a few times and she has been reading the Book of Mormon!

And then, just last night we got a referral from a member serving in Omaha, and as for referrals, we are asked to contact them within 24 hours. We weren't quite sure what to do with this referral because she lives like 30 minutes away and there was no phone number. We thought about going but then we were thinking...ah, but what if there is no guy there (we can't teach single girls without another male there). Well, we prayed asking the Lord that if it was right in His eyes, that we could go there, find her home, and be able to teach her. Well, we drove 30 minutes out to her house and we knocked on the door and she answered it right away. Her name is J and she invited us right in since her boyfriend was over. So we were like: WOW, this rocks!! And then they even fed us turkey soup!! haha double bendiciones!! We got to know them well and then shared a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel it went really well and Jamie said that she wants to come to church! nice!

So there are many more blessings that I could share but once again time isn't sufficient. But I hope that you all can set some good new year's resolutions. And I hope that we can all feel of God's love. And, congrats to Cade Hill who will soon be coming to Nebraska speaking spanish!! Que bueno! Have a great week. And thanks to each of you for all your love and support!

Elder Vawdrey

PS: I failed to say thanks to all those who have been so kind and considerate who have contributed financially to my mission. You're in my prayers. Thanks so much!!

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