Monday, February 4, 2013

Lessons of Patience

Familia y Amigos,

Hello once again! It has already been another week and I once again feel grateful as I think back on the blessings that we received this past week. In the beginning of the week, we were really having a hard time just finding people to teach. We had tons of lessons planned and people to see and it seemed like they all just kept getting cancelled on us. And then, unfortunately, we were having a hard time finding new investigators. But, it all has made sense when I look back and see the many miracles that we received these last few days and I feel like God was testing our patience. We had a few solid visits this weekend and it made all the patience-testing worth it.
At church yesterday, my companion and I were experiencing the roller coaster of emotions. We had invited a lot of people to church and were super excited and then not many people came for the first two hours. I was praying that we would be comforted and know that it was according to God's will. Then, my companion got up and bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting and mentioned how he's grateful for trials because they allow us to learn and grow. And when he came and sat back down he leaned over to me and told me about how he noticed a few investigators in the congregation that had slipped in without us knowing. And to make a long story short, I feel like I gained a better understanding that all things work for our good and everything happens according to God's will. I grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us.

In church, we had several powerful experiences. First of all, a new Cuban family that just moved into the branch just a few weeks back brought a friend with them to church. She and her husband (or boyfriend) both came two weeks ago to church, but only she was able to come today. We were able to teach her while we were at church with the Cuban family that brought her to church and it was a great experience. We felt that the lesson was going really well and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. We later found out that she isn't married to her friend, but apparently she got married to a random guy in Ecuador so that she could get her papers to live in America. So, we are running into this problem a lot lately. Lots of people love the Church and want to be baptized, but they need to get married! haha. Fortunately, there is a couple that will be getting married this Thursday, so we are really excited about that. But Elder Morgan and I just keep telling ourselves that one of these days we are going to meet a family that has two married parents and that are ready for the gospel!

As for our Priesthood class in church, a young man received the Melchizedek Priesthood and that was really cool. Right after, the teacher basically poured out his vision of what the branch could become. He talked about how the way it will grow depends on if we do our hometeaching. And then he said, "I want us to be 100% on home teaching." He then asked the bold question, "Who is with me and willing to do their home teaching 100%?" Several men stood up. It was powerful for me to see that. It reminded me of D&C 4 where it says: "Wherefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work." I'm grateful for these faithful men and their desires to serve the Lord. I too want to do the same and I hope that Elder Morgan and I can help others want to do the same as well. It was so cool.

Later in the evening yesterday, we were able to have a few great visits. One of which was a visit with a guy from the Dominican Republic. My companion was so pumped because he served there for a little while, and this is the first Domincan that we've met together and his first here in Nebraska. This guy let us right in and he knew people that my companion knew. Apparently, this guy is a recent convert of a year but has gone less-active and lives with several other non-members, so we are going to go back and teach them again this next weekend!

Elder Morgan and I are excited for this next week. We are expecting it to be a week of Miracles. So I'm excited for next week to report the many blessings that come!! Have a great week. I love you all and thanks for all your love and support.

Elder Vawdrey

P.S. I want to congratulate Cade Hill on getting his mission call to OMaha, NE (Spanish). This mission rocks!

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