Monday, March 5, 2012

The Three Amigos

Amigos y Familia,

Hola...como estan Ustedes? I hear you got some snow, and that March Madness is nearly here. Wow, that's crazy. I hope you are all enjoying life and of course the snow...if there's any left. haha What a weird winter. We hardly got any snow out here either. It's just really windy here all the time.

This week we had quite the surprise. We got a call from President Kunz saying that there is another Elder here in Nebraska that is going to join our companionship. He just got out of the MTC and is waiting for his visa to Monterrey, Mexico. So, he is going to be here with us until he receives his visa. His name is Elder Roberts and he is from South Ogden, UT. Another Utahn. Yeah! He likes basketball, is a hard worker, and has been a blast to be around. We are excited to have him in our companionship.

On Tuesday we had a return appointment with "G", a 19-year-old kid that we tracted into last week. He reviewed with him the first lesson and then he committed to a baptismal date. He is an awesome kid and came to church yesterday. We were surprised to see him all dressed up in a nice suit and tie. Pretty hilarious. A couple members in our branch came up to us and said, "So, are the four of you coming over for dinner the week?" They all thought he was a missionary! Pretty hilarious. He definitely looked like one. But, when I sat next to him in Sacrament Meeting he told me that he doesn't think he can be baptized on 3/24/12 anymore. I was like "Why?" And he said that he is moving to Kansas that Sunday night at 6pm. I was like "For reals?" He talked to us earlier about how he was planning on going to Kansas some time to work and earn money for school, but we didn't know it would be that soon. haha So that was a bummer. So we will somehow have to stay in contact with him. Thankfully there is a family in the branch that knows him and his family really well so they can stay in touch with him. He will be in Kansas for maybe up to 2 months.

Then as for "G" (another "G"), she has a baptismal date for 3/17 and she is determined to get baptized on that date. We will have to see how things go. She says she wants to be a missionary. She is presently only 15. but, we will see if she is ready to be baptized on that date. She is very excited to be a "Mormon." haha

Last night, we visited with some investigators about the Book of Mormon. "M", the wife, was in the kitchen cooking at the time, and she seemed pretty stand-off-ish. But, when my companion started talked about the Book of Mormon she immediately turned around, ran over to where we were and said, "What did you say?" haha Uh...Book of Mormon. Apparently she has been reading it like crazy. She said she likes it better than the Bible because it's easier to understand. And she gets a lot out of it. She read it for like an hour and a half the other day (or so she told us). But they are a young married couple. We are going to help them paint the inside of their trailer this week and we are excited to work with them. She asked about church and pretty much committed herself and her husband to church this Sunday. Cool! haha Good visit!

But, things are going well here. Life is good. The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is still powerful and always will be, and we're having some fun! Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Vawdrey

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