Monday, March 19, 2012

Proud to be a Mormon!

Familia y Amigos,

How are y'all? I hope it's been a great week for each of you. This week was full of changes. Elder Caldwell is here with Elder Roberts and me now, and he has a lot of new ideas for the area. So we are excited about this. And it looks like we will probably be doing a lot of tracting this week. Many of our investigators are dying...as I like to call them, so we will try them a few more times here and there.

But this past week was special because G got baptized!! She is the step-daugher of C (who we baptized a few weeks ago) and she was super excited to become a Mormon. She tells us she wants to be a missionary someday. haha cool. But what made it a special day as well was because C baptized her. He was really excited to do it and it turned out well. Even though it took 5 times because her dress kept coming up above the water, haha it was a good time. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with her. And I hope that she continues forward from here on out. I like to think of an analogy relating to G's baptism. I call it life. It took 5 times immersing her into the water to get it right. In life, we fall many times but the Lord will always pick us back up and help us to know what's right if we just trust Him.

This past Sunday we had 1 investigator come to church. His name is G. He is 19...a really cool kid, and we hope to work with him more. He has a lot of potential. And so we are hoping things continue to go well with him.

I love you all and hope you are all doing great!! Have a great week!

Elder Vawdrey

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