Monday, February 20, 2012

The Phone Call


Hola! How was your Valentine's Day? Hope you did something fun, whether you got a special something from a special someone or not? If not, just know hey, you're with the rest of us 52,000 missionaries in the world. haha. In fact, my companion doesn't celebrate Valentine's day, he instead celebrates Chinese New Year. haha Well, anyway, we didn't do anything super exciting. However we did eat some candy hearts in our apartment before going to bed. Ya gotta love candy hearts.

But this week was an interesting one. We had a zone conference in Lincoln and that was amazing. And then, we had some great visits and a good phone call. haha

One of our visits this week was with "R" and "I". We taught them the Restoration and they really like the message. "I" said that she has really been wondering lately which church she should join. We invited her to be baptized in March but she has to talk to her husband first about it. The only problem about this is that her husband is Catholic and she said that he will never change. We will find out this next week. But we are hoping that sometime she can come to church with us if all goes bad with her talk with her husband.

I can't remember who I talked about in my letter last week, but unfortunately we only had one investigator at church on Sunday. It is very difficult to get people to come to church. There are only 3 hispanic families in the branch and the church isn't well known in this town because there are millions of Catholics and Lutherans here. Then, most hispanics have to work Sundays, so that makes it difficult. But, as for the one investigator who came to church today, her name is "G" and she actually brought a non-member friend as well! "G" is the step-daughter of "C"...the guy who just got baptized. She has been to church 2 weeks in a row now so we were excited to see her there. Back when we were teaching "C", we promised him that as he comes closer to Christ, that he will be a great example to his family and they will have desires to follow his example. Well, we are seeing that promise come true! SO COOL!! Well, after church yesterday, we get a call from "G's" mom saying that "G" wants to be baptized. haha She wants to be baptized in March. So we will see about that. We will start teaching her the lessons this week. But we really want to make sure that she actually WANTS to be baptized and is committed to it rather than just doing it because someone else did or because she thinks it would be cool. So we were excited for her and that she enjoys church.

Lastly, we had a great experience last night. We were out visiting some people in a little town called Schuyler and then a few appointments fell through so we knocked doors for a little while. Well, after a bit, and not having much success, we decided to go back to Columbus to try another potential investigator that we ran into earlier last week. So, we got to the trailer park and knocked on the door of the trailer that we thought was his. Well, to our surprise, this 6'4" hispanic lady came to the door. Wrong house. haha But, we introduced ourselves and she invited us in. We ended up teaching her the Restoration and really focused on prayer and why it's important. Well, before we were about to leave, she told us that she has been thinking a lot lately of what to do because her husband is in Mexico right now getting his papers and she is worried that he won't be able to come back. She said she was really grateful for us that we stopped by. And we explained to her that we don't believe that it was just a coincidence that this happened tonight. She committed to pray for comfort and to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet! We are excited to meet with her again in a few days. It's amazing how the Lord knows each one of his children. I have found many times in my life that the Lord meets my needs through other people. I think that's how this 6'4'' hispanic lady felt, but it was unbelievable for me to meet a hispanic woman that was this tall. HOLY SMOKEES. haha And her hands were like 2x bigger than mine! Wow.

Well, I hope you all have another great week. Thanks for all you do.

Elder Vawdrey

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