Monday, February 6, 2012

The Lord is in it!

Family and Friends,

Hola!! I hope you all have had a great week and are doing well. I'm sure like all of you, we got a bunch of snow the other day...I guess winter finally decided to show up. haha The warm weather sure was nice but I knew the snow was going to come sometime soon.

Hey, Elder, I think it's your turn to scrape the windows!
Welcome to the Midwest!

This past week was transfers and my new companion, Elder St. Clair, is from Gilbert, AZ. This is the last transfer of his mission and it has been awesome serving with him. He is a very hard worker and wants to finish strong. I'm super pumped for this transfer because I can tell the work here is increasing and there are a lot of great things ahead!! This past week we have been contacting a lot of people and knocking doors. Saturday night was a night that was pretty special.

Elders St. Clair and Vawdrey

On Friday, we went to a trailer park and got a bunch of follow-up visits set up for Saturday. Well, when we woke up Saturday, we saw several inches of snow of the ground. haha That's the Nebraska I was expecting. haha But, we managed to get a ride out to this trailer park. Well, we started knocking on the doors of these return visits and come to find out each of them fell through. We were surprised by this because they seemed super solid. Well, we had planned to be there for 3 hours and we were far from our apartment so we kept knocking some doors. At one of them, a lady answered the door and said it wasn't a good time, so we asked if there was anyone else in the area that she knows who might be interested in this message. She immediately pointed at a yellow truck and said, "Go try that one." haha It sounded like she just made it up, but well, we thought "Let's try it, what do we have to lose?" So we knocked on the door and immediately they let us in and they were super interested in hearing about why we were walking around outside in the freezing cold weather. haha Well, we taught them about the Restoration and it was AWESOME!! They seem SUPER solid and they were super interested as well about the fact that we can live with our families together forever. So we have another follow-up visit with this family and we are super pumped!!

I told you I was pumped!

Then, following this visit, we also got into another trailer of another great hispanic couple. I know that the Lord led us to these people. It was freezing outside, our appointments fell through, and we could've called someone to pick us up but we knew we were there for a reason. I believe that if the Lord didn't bless us with follow-up visits with the people out there in the trailer park for 3 hours, we probably wouldn't have been there for that long. He works in mysterious ways. I know that the Lord is always in it...He's always got a purpose for where we are if we just trust Him and ask for help to know where to go.

So, things are going well out here. And I hope all is well for each of you. Have a great week!

Elder Vawdrey

My first baptism!!

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