Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm going to Columbus!!

Familia y Amigos,

Sorry, you didn't receive an e-mail from me until now. This week is transfer week and so our P-day is on Wednesdays on transfer weeks. But, I am being transferred to Columbus, Nebraska! It is in the Lincoln, NE zone, so I will be by the University of Nebraska and the capitol. My new companion is Elder Keele! I haven't met him yet but I'm way excited.

Columbus, NE - Brian's second area in the mission field

Being here in Sioux City has been great, and I have learned a ton, but at the same time, I enjoy change and am excited to see another part of the mission. Being with Elder Jones and Elder Thayne has been a blast, we have had a ton of fun memories and experiences!

It seems so weird... change. It's something that is constant and something that we must learn to enjoy. Sometimes it's hard, but it's from the Lord and it's His will. It's kinda hard to leave Sioux CIty because it's like my home-town! haha Looking upon my first 2 transfers is kinda funny. I didn't have any baptisms but this past Sunday, we had our first 2 investigators come to church! yes!! I will talk about that later. But I feel like I have done the things the Lord wanted me to do here...and I feel like he has kind of changed me for good here in this area. I feel like I have done all I could to help the work progress here...and whether I get baptismal numbers or not, it doesn't matter. :)

So... update from this week!! Oh boy! All right... so, all in all, 2 weeks ago there was like 37 people at church... and then this week there was 57!! WOW! It was unbelievable. Two weeks ago in church, there was only like 10 people at church including us and the branch presidency once the meeting began. And then, this week was just like: BOOM baby!! haha Whoot! I felt like this was a great blessing from the Lord. It has been tough to get this area going because of all the service from last transfer but this was a blessing from the Lord.

We met with the "O" family (name withheld), the ones I talked about last week, family of 7. They invited us over for a delicious dinner and then they shared their experiences of praying about Joseph Smith if he was a true prophet. It was so cool to hear both the parents share their experiences with prayer. They both received a small but sweet answer, but I love what Sister "O" said. She talked about how she had a dream about what we shared with her family and that she saw a light in her dream!!! NICE! I was like... boom baby... Dinero!! haha

We have also met with many other family this week. But there are two other families that I want to report on. First of all, the "N" family (name withheld), they are less active. We went over and taught them about temples and it was SO powerful. They said they think they should start coming back to church and that they want to be sealed in a temple. We will see how it goes. And then another family: Elva and Ruben! These two are the ones that came to church this week! Ruben is less-active and Elva is an investigator. The thing with Ruben is that he was offended from something. But things are cleared up now and their future is bright!

But I thought our visit with Ruben was interesting. Often, we get offended by things other people say or do or maybe we don't feel loved by others. However, when we get offended, it is our own fault. We can choose our happiness. But then, once Ruben talked about his worry with us, everything was fine. I love that. The best thing you can do if you struggle with someone is to talk to them. I love that. But sometimes it isn't just that easy. Sometimes we may need to humble ourselves a little bit before doing this... pray and study the scriptures. We all have our differences and challenges. But with the Lord, they are milestones to lead us to greater things.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all tons.

Elder Vawdrey

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