Monday, October 31, 2011

Power of the Book of Mormon

Familia y amigos,

Hola hola otra vez!! and Happy Halloween! Wow, I can't believe it is already Halloween. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and eat a good amount of candy ;) It's a bit weird for us here because we have to be in our apartment by 6pm tonight, so it's like the whole day is P-day. But we have some fun plans today, so I'm pretty excited!

This week, I have realized the power of the Book of Mormon in teaching the gospel. We found 3 families this week and wow...they are so fun to teach! Teaching families is just powerful. But I thought it was really interesting how we were inspired to teach about and the people all questioned us about the Book of Mormon. Once they understood that it is the word of God also but stories from different prophets and that it supports the bible, everything else just flowed and they understood everything!! The first big family we taught was a family of 7. The kids ranged from like 8 years old to 18. And wow, there were 2 twin 14-year-old girls and they reminded me so much of my little sister Angi!! Oh my goodness. It was so weird. But just by that, I knew they would be a sweet family! To finish the lesson, the 10-year-old boy said the closing prayer and it was SO cool!! I think the kids will have a great part in motivating the parents to hear more about the gospel too. But anyway, we will return and visit them next week!

Another family we taught invited us to have dinner with them at our next visit with them. Wow! Nice! That has never happened and only once in my companions' missions...being invited by investigators to eat dinner. We are really excited for all of these families! I can tell that they have good standards, but they just don't know the truth of all things yet!! I'm so excited to keep in touch with these families!!

The biggest burden right now is only having a car every other week. Our area is HUGE...so it's hard on the weeks when we don't have the car because we have to walk so far. Our investigators live all over the place. So, we are hoping to get a car for ourselves but we will see how that goes. It is starting to get a little chilly. I know back in Utah, Halloween night is usually the day of a big storm. Sooo...we will see what it's like here in Sioux City, Iowa.

As for my Spanish, we often don't have time to sit down and do an hour study because of appointments, so sometimes my language study is just talking to my companions or the investigators. During our visits, it's kinda frustrating when I don't know what the investigators are saying, but at least I can testify well!! Learning Spanish is really teaching me patience.

Funny moment the other day... so we were eating lunch with some of the members in our branch and the mother was cooking beans. I asked her "Como se dice ese?" (how do you say that?) and she said "BEANS." hahahaha! And I said no, in Spanish? hahahah We all got a super good laugh out of that one...FRIJOLES. Word of the day for those of you who may be eating beans for dinner tonight...I know my family usually eats chili on Halloween night, so alright. anyway, I hope you are all doing well!

Missionary work is great. I am loving it out here. Having two companions is sometimes a challenge when teaching lessons, but this is my 2nd time being in a trio. However, we get along well and have fun. So...all in all, I'm super pumped for this week...to teach these families!!

Love you all, thanks for your love and support,

Elder Vawdrey

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