Monday, April 15, 2013

God Has the Keys!

Familia y Amigos,

Buenas Tardes! This past week was pretty incredible and several amazing things happened. My testimony was strengthened greatly that God hears and answers our prayers and that the Spirit brings us peace.

To start out the week, we had interviews with the Mission President and that was awesome. In my interview we talked a lot about the importance of writing down personal revelations that we receive, so that is something I have been doing more of this past week. He promised me that as I write down what I learn that I will receive more revelation and better know how to help the people in our area. So I was way pumped about that and put it to the test. It has helped me see God's hand more in my life. 

After interviews with the Mission President, we had zone meeting and it was all about the Book of Mormon and Enduring to the End. Our Mission President has been instructing us to read from the Book of Mormon each day and to invite our investigators and members to do the same. I know that this is inspired. We read the Book of Mormon with a less-active family this past week and there was a great spirit there. And I know that the Book of Mormon gives us strength to fight through trials and to endure to the end.

Later this week, we did a church tour with one of our investigators. We had a few members from the branch there as well and it was an amazing experience. We had the members meet us at the church a little bit early so that we could review everything we wanted to do and then we got a bit nervous when our phone rang a few minutes before our appointment and it was our investigator. We were hoping that she wouldn't cancel the appointment and thankfully she was only calling to say that she couldn't find her car keys. haha So we were like "Whew!" Right as we were about to go with the members to pick her up she called us again and said that she found her keys so we got another good laugh out of that. haha 

Anyway, she eventually got to the church. After we introduced her to the members...who she apparently knew before...she seemed to feel really comfortable with them. We soon started out by talking about the Book of Mormon and reviewed the chapter she had read and then we went through the church and explained the pictures that were on the walls and all the classrooms. Before we went into the chapel, we invited her to pay attention to how she feels and that we would give her a minute just to think. Once everyone walked into the chapel, it was quiet...and the spirit was powerful! After about a minute we looked over at our investigator and asked her how she felt and she was in tears. It was incredible the spirit that was in the room! It was so cool. She said that she felt so much peace and that she just can't describe how happy she felt. We then explained how that is the Spirit testifying to her that it's true! And then she said: I will be here on Sunday!! We were SO stoked!!

Okay, but that's not everything. We wanted to show her the baptismal font as well but the doors were locked to get to the font. Before we went to the font, I snuck away to unlock the doors but none of the keys worked. I then said a quick prayer that Heavenly Father would open the door if possible and that if I missed the right key to unlock the door that he would help me to find it so we could show her the font. Right after the prayer, I grabbed the first key on the keyring to unlock the door and it worked! So I then said a prayer of gratitude. But then, I realized I had to go through another door that appeared to be locked to get to the baptismal font. haha So once again I said a quick prayer and asked for help and the door opened. I then said another gratitude prayer. I know that the Lord had His hand in all of this because after the tour I went to lock the doors and none of the keys we had would work.
I have a testimony that God answers our prayers and I'm grateful that He answered mine at that time so that we could show her the baptismal font. This sweet investigator then came to church on Sunday and had a great time. She is planning on getting baptized the first weekend in May!

I hope you all have had a great week. Love you all.

Elder Vawdrey

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