Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference!

Familia y Amigos,

Once again General Conference was awesome! I hope you all were able to watch it and that you had a great weekend. Elder Wells and I watched each session in Spanish and it was cool for me to notice the difference of how much I understood compared to the first time I listened to it in Spanish over a year ago. And even though I didn't understand everything, I feel like I got the main points of the talks and still felt the spirit. So we are just trusting that the Lord gave us the answers that we needed. It makes me glad that God speaks to all of us in the same language: The Holy Ghost. So, no matter what language you speak, you can always feel the spirit.

This week, we went and had dinner with a part-member family and for a long time they have been telling us that they wanted to cook us frog. haha Well, this time they did. I was pretty nervous to try it, but it actually didn't taste too bad! I actually liked it. It made the father of the home really happy! And we were excited about that because he is the non-member of the family. And after dinner we shared a message about the importance of prophets and then he came to a session of conference. So we are excited about him. He is from Cuba, and he talks super fast. It gives me a headache sometimes trying to understand him. But we are in the process of teaching him and we are planning on having dinner with his family at another member's house. So we will see how that goes this week.

We also met with a lady who I guess was taught by missionaries several years ago. She had a lot of questions about our beliefs and why there are so many churches. She told us that she has met with Jehovah's Witnesses a few times but doesn't feel that their doctrine is true. She has also gone to other churches for different religions but she told us that she still hasn't felt like they are the ones for her to join. We were super pumped when we heard all of her questions and we taught her the Restoration. It went really well and then we invited her to come to a session of conference and she came! The only down fall was that there was only 1 member family there at the church for the session that she went to. From the looks of it right now, she will have a concern of joining a church with a small congregation, but if the Spirit touches her enough, I don't believe that will matter. We are gonna go see her again tonight!

And then, we visited with another family last night. They were a recently married couple with 2 kids and then a grandma was also there. We felt like the visit went really well there too, but we think the grandma will be the hold up there and it might be tough to have frequent lessons. So we are going to try and focus on them a lot this next week.

We also did exchanges in a city called York. And I swear that town is full of old people. haha We had some cool experiences there though. We prayed in the morning for opportunities of service and we noticed several opportunities during the day. We saw an older couple raking the leaves in their yard and we offered to help but they said no and said "We don't want you to get your clothes dirty." I was like "No, it's no problem, that's why we're here." Well, I saw an extra rake leaning against their house, so we went and grabbed it and started helped them out. By the end, we were able to introduce ourselves and talk about Christ. It was really cool and they said: I didn't know you guys did stuff like that.

It's pretty interesting to hear about what people don't know, or misinterpret, about the church. But I'm so grateful to serve as a full-time missionary for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that as we go about doing good by serving others, hearts are touched. I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who answers our prayers. He has a perfect plan of happiness for us if we will just submit ourselves to His will. I know the church is true!

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Vawdrey

Zone Leader Conference

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