Saturday, February 16, 2013

Transfer week

Familia y Amigos,
Good morning! Today we found out about transfers. I'm grateful that I will be with Elder Morgan for another transfer here in Grand Island. I feel like I'm getting more comfortable with the area, but I'm glad that Elder Morgan will be here for one more. And this is actually Elder Morgan's last transfer. So we are looking forward to this upcoming transfer. There are a lot of changes here in this zone but we are really excited about it. And good news... Elder Hadfield, from American Fork, UT is coming to the Kearney zone so I will see him every once in a while!! I was way pumped when I heard about that!
As for this past week, we saw several miracles. On Tuesday this past week, the Assistants did exchanges with us in our area and it was an incredible day. So there was one experience in particular that was pretty incredible that I want to share. It strengthened my testimony that God loves us personally and that he speaks to us through the Holy Ghost.

So back a couple weeks ago, we received a family referral from a member in our branch. We had a visit with this family and we felt like they had great potential, but the husband was drunk during the lesson and so they weren't too open with what we had to share. We thought we would give them a break for a little bit, hoping that overtime, they would be more prepared to hear the Gospel. Well, this past week, this family kept popping into my mind. And when we were planning the night before the Assistants did splits with us, I felt like we should go pass by their house.

Anyway, in the mid-afternoon the next day we finished visiting a few people and then I was super thirsty, and so I told my companion that day, hey I'm really thirsty. And then he asked me: "Well, what are you gonna do about it?" And I said, I'm going to have faith and hope that when we go pass by the that family's house that they will give us a water! haha So anyway, we got to the their home and knocked their door. The mom invited us right in and the first question she asked us was: "Hey, do you want some water?" haha we were like YES! At that moment, I knew God knew exactly where I was at and exactly what we needed. Anyway, she informed us earlier that her husband was asleep and asked if we would like to share a message with her and her son or if we wanted to pass by another day when her husband is awake. We told her we wanted to share a scripture with her and her son and then we could pass by another day and share a lesson when her husband was awake. So when we sat down and were about to share a scripture, her husband walked into the room. He had just woken up! He walked in and was like: Hey guys! haha. He was super friendly and we talked with him for a minute. Then, he asked us: So where did your church come from? haha We were like "That is a great question!" And then we taught them the Restoration, and it was probably one of the most powerful Restoration lessons I've had on my mission! The family told us afterwards that they want to get baptized and so we set them for mid-March. We were super pumped. And then right before we left, this brother promised us that he would read the Book of Mormon before our next visit! So we are really excited about this family and hope that they do move forward and read the Book of Mormon. Apparently they have been pretty involved in the Catholic church, but they seem to be open and willing. So I will keep you informed on this family.

Then, things are also going well with our investigator, M. She goes over to a member family's home each week to read in the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles Book with them, so she is progressing really well. She is planning on getting baptized March 3.

We are excited about how things are going here in Grand Island and feel that there is a lot of potential here.

I hope you all are doing well and that you have a great week and Valentines Day. Thanks for all you do and your love and support!

Elder Vawdrey

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