Monday, July 2, 2012

Power of Prayer

Familia y Amigos,

Hello hello. I hope you all had another great week. Anyone got fun plans for 4th of July? People out here have already started lighting fireworks off like crazy. A lot of people have tried to hit us with their fireworks when we're walking and riding bikes. It's making me angry. haha but I laugh everytime. But it will be interesting to see what it's like here on the 4th of July.

As for our most solid investigator right now, C, she had a sweet experience with prayer this week. We taught her the Restoration about a week or so ago and it was probably the best lesson Elder Pese and I have taught together. When we went back for the next visit, she told us about her experience with prayer. She recently got in a car accident and hurt her neck really bad so she has been on medication for a while. And she has a couple of kids that stress her out because they are always bouncing off the walls haha. Well the night after we taught her the Restoration, she was overwhelmed with all the stress she had so she knelt down by her bed and said a prayer. And she told us that once she finished her prayer, she felt like a wave of peace come over her and all of her pain went away. She said she felt like someone had touched and healed her, but she couldn't see him. boo ya!! We were so stoked to hear that. But problem is right after that, her boyfriend got home with a box of beer and pretty much ruined the spirit there. So, that stunk...and we haven't been able to get in touch with her since. But we are hoping to see her again tomorrow and help her understand more that that was the Spirit. So there is power in prayer...and there is an opposition in all things too. I like the quote from my Stake President back home..."Keep your knees on the ground and your eyes on Heaven."

We also just found out that our new Mission President arrived just a few days ago...President Weston. We will meet him tomorrow at a meeting so we are pretty excited for that.

And last good news: today, we are going to the Omaha Zoo as a district and we are super stoked!! I hear the zoo here in legit! I'll have to put up some pictures up on next week's e-mail. But I hope you are all doing well and have a great 4th of July. I love you all. Thanks for your love and support!

Elder Vawdrey

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