Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's your potential?

Familia y Amigos,

This week is transfer week... and good news! I will be staying here with Elder Pese. That is what I was expecting and hoping for and also the other two Elders that we share an apartment with will both be staying as well! We are all super stoked!!

But, as for this past week, in our district meeting, I set baptismal goals for the month. And after each companionship shared what their goal was, our district leader asked: "Okay, now how are you going to achieve that?" Right then, I realized that we really didn't have a plan. So we talked about it for a bit and came up with the conclusion that we just need to invite our investigators to be baptized more. So that night, we saw an investigator...A, and we had the plan to set her for baptism. When we walked in, we asked her what she remembered from our last visit and she remembered like everything, it was so sweet. We had talked about the importance of authority and so when she told us that she remembered all of that, we were both just like... "Dang, it's time!!" haha So we set her for baptism! She has been taught by several missionaries in the past, and so we are hoping that this time she will keep progressing. She is from Guatemala and probably one of the nicest people I have met.

Then, just yesterday we had another District Meeting, and our leader taught us about the importance of Charity and how Charity means Seeing the potential that others have no matter where or who they are right now. And then we talked about the Potential of each child of God. We each have the potential to become like our Heavenly Father. Do we believe that? We were sent here to be happy, to learn and progress, and to overtime become like our Heavenly Father. We set our own limits. With God's help we can become who he wants us to be and who we want to be. So, always remember your Potential! We learn little by little. But if we trust in the Lord, we can do it! That is something that I am going to commit myself to do better this week. Remember my potential. Because we can only see the potential of others if we first see the potential in ourselves! Ah... some good meetings this week.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing great. Thanks so much for your love and support. It means so much!! Have a great week, and remember YOUR potential!!!

Elder Vawdrey

Elder Pese - Had no tissue, so he found some newspaper in the truck!

The Paleta man we see walking our streets every day

The Omaha Spanish District

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