Monday, May 21, 2012

The Spirit is the Real Teacher!

Familia y Amigos,

Wow, another week in the books. I hope you are all doing great and have plans to enjoy another week wherever you are!

As for this past week here in Omaha, Wednesday was a big day....we had Zone Conference. In the conference we learned a lot about the importance of being converted to the Gospel and helping our investigators to do the same. Our Mission President talked about how too many of us just have baptisms as a statistic...and we need to throw that out the window. He mentioned how a person has to come to church 3 times before baptism...but that's a MINIMUM. I thought it was a really good conference and I like what he said about how if we are converted, we will know how to meet the needs of our investigators through the Spirit and we will have more progressing investigators. When I heard that, I was like, boo ya...I need to convert myself more!!

But I feel like a learned a good lesson this week. We ended up knocking a lot of doors and the first day we just had absolutely nothing going for us. And then the next day, it was getting late and we just thought we should hit up one more door before we finished it up and the lady that answered the door, N, was super willing to visit with us and then we scheduled a return visit with her. This was a tender mercy from the Lord to me, I felt like. But, I learned a lesson from it that it's only the Spirit that really teaches people...it doesn't matter how many times you've been to church or how many scriptures you can quote. All that matters is if you are converted. So that is something I want more.

Then, lastly we had a bomb visit with an investigator and a member came with us. The Spirit was really strong as the member shared his testimony about the Restoration and so I'm excited to see what happens with our investigator, E!

But I'm sorry, there isn't much to report for this week. We did a lot of organizing in our area and area book, so hopefully these next few weeks we can get more things rolling here with investigators!!

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks so much for all your support and examples! I love you all so much!

Elder Vawdrey

Dad, congratulations on completing another marathon!! That is so sweet. I'm sure that's pretty tough to make time to run with all of your other responsibilities. Wow. But, way to go! And thanks for your letter again this week! I'm so grateful that I have such great parents and they write me each week.. and my brothers and sisters as well. I love you guys!!

Mom, thanks for your letter and attached missionary journal haha. It's fun to hear your experiences from your mission as well. But hey, you might be interested in hearing that I went on an exchange with Elder Harker this last week. My companion went on an exchange with our district leader, so I went with Elder Harker and we worked over in his area. He is a very hard worker, wants everyone to hear the Gospel, and walks really fast. haha We were able to find some good potentials for him I think for this next week, so we will have to wait and hear what happens with that. But, this morning I went running with him...and he reminds me a lot of Robby Lee. And flip, he runs quick, I was having a hard time keeping up with him. We ran on a muddy trail and my legs are sore. haha but it was nice to go on a run with him.

Angi, good luck with finals!! Ah, it's gonna feel so good when it's done. I hope it turns out as good as you hope!

Tyler, good luck getting a road bike. Good luck with finals for you too. Work hard!

JJ, congrats on getting your Arrow of Light! That's sweet. And tackle football? That's sweet!! You'll be a great player.

JoJo, good luck with soccer.

Family, thanks so much for your weekly e-mails. I love hearing from each of you. I'm glad all is well and that summer is almost here! whoot. Have a great week!

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