Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Omaha, Nebraska!

Familia y Amigos,

Buenos Dias! It is gorgeous out here in Nebraska...starting to get a bit toasty though. It's going to be interesting to see what it's like here in the summer...

But, anyway, we just got a call from our Mission President this morning and I found out that I am being transferred to Omaha, North. I was very surprised. I thought that I would stay here in Columbus for one more transfer...but I guess I was wrong haha. I was even more surprised when I was told that I will be training a new missionary! I'm pretty stoked, but very nervous at the same time. I believe his name is Elder Pese and he is from Kearns, Utah. I hear he is Tongan, lived in Hawaii, is 300 lbs, and was a really good football player. haha Looks like I won't be doing any wrestling next transfer with my companion. haha But sounds like he is an awesome guy and so I am way excited to work with him. And I hear there is a Spanish WARD there! cool!

As for Elder Caldwell and Elder Roberts, they are both staying here in Columbus and another Elder will be joining them as well. I think they will do great here together and I'm excited to hear how things go for them. The work has been going kinda slow here in Columbus, but I think it's going to pick up really soon. We have been dropping a lot of unprogressing investigators and finding new ones, but I will definitely miss the people of Columbus, NE. I was here for 1/4 of my mission after all. I have learned a ton. The members are great here and I hate to say goodbye. I'm so grateful that the Lord sent me here and I'm really sad that it's my time to leave, but I believe that Omaha is where the Lord wants me to go at this time.

And as for our investigators, the one we have really been focusing on is G. I'm going to miss that kid. He is set for baptism on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)  and so I hope and pray that he keeps it this time and that he considers serving a mission. He talked about it a few weeks ago. I'm sad I have to tell him goodbye but I know that the other Elders will be great for him.

Anyway, my time is running low, but I know that the Lord loves us. He is always right by our side. He has great trust in us and we will feel of his love and feel the spirit more as we come closer to Him by keeping the commandments. The Church is true. Have a great week...and next week I will be sending a letter from Omaha.

Elder Vawdrey

P.S. Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes. And congrats to Kaitlyn Livingston, Carly Wimmer, and Jordan Boone who have already or are soon getting married. I wish you all the best! You are all great!

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