Monday, April 9, 2012

Go for Improvement

Hola Familia y Amigos,
Happy Belated Easter. I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to feel of God's love! I feel like I learned a lot this week and am trying to realize more the blessings that I have.
This week has been quite a different one from my perspective. My companions have a ton of new ideas for the area and we are trying them out. We have a big list of investigators to try but we have realized that we only get to see each one of them like once or maybe twice a week. Because of that, we like don't have any people progressing. Kinda frustrating. But I am realizing the importance to slow down a little and simplify. We are trying to figure out how to use our time more effectively so we can find the elect rather than just keep trying people over and over and over again and not seeing any results or committment keeping. So for now we decided that we are pretty much going to drop all of the investigators we have and only stick with a handful that we think will progress and then pretty much start over and think of better ways to find investigators other than just tracting.

It's been quite a change for me because I realized that for me as a person I have always been someone who just goes from one thing to the next, but I'm realizing that it's good to slow down a little and trust in the Lord more and seek after the Spirit. So, we may not see a lot of results here soon, but we are hoping that in a few weeks we will see some progressing investigators!! But I'm grateful for my companions and their excitement for the area...and hopefully the past investigators we had will be more ready to hear the Gospel later in their lives. We are hoping that we planted some good seeds with them.

As for G, we aren't exactly sure what's going on with him. We thought we had a way good visit with him just a few days ago, but we called him Sunday morning and he told us that he just didn't want to go to church. poop. We weren't able to get a hold of him last night so we are hoping that we can visit with him later today and see what's up. He's definitely being worked on...but we hope that things can turn around for him for the better.

But, at church on Sunday, we had a person show up who has been less-active for a long time and I have taught him with my companions for months. And he committed to come to church. I was STOKED to see him there!! We thought it was pretty cool... a blessing really, that he showed up. Because we were going to drop him as well if he hadn't come to church because we have worked with him so much and weren't seeing too much progress. So that was a blessing and to know that God is aware of our desires to simplify more and find those that are willing to act and come closer to him. Looks like we will keep working with him haha :)

But I also learned a big lesson this week about how nobody is perfect and that we just have to IMPROVE. I sometimes stress myself out thinking that I'm not perfect or that the work here isn't going as I had always imagined it. But that's life sometimes I guess, right? Expect the unexpected. But I always seem to want things great now, not later. So this week I learned a lot about how perfection doesn't matter because none of us will be in this life, but all that matters is that we improve from day to day. I was reminded of a quote that I thought was really awesome. About running actually. haha

There was a group of high school kids on the track team. There was a group in the front running 4-5 minute miles and then those who were in the back running 8-9 minute miles. One day, a kid walked up to one of the kids that runs a mile in 8 to 9 minutes and said: "Hey kid why are you still running? You're always in the back." Then the kid responded with: "What? Did you not see that I improved 3 seconds on my time today?" That was just a great example to me of how it doesn't matter if we are the best or if we are perfect, we just have to do our personal best and strive to improve DAILY. We aren't in a race against others in life. We are in a race against ourselves. Doing your best is all you can ask for. Anyway, it's been a learning week. This next week might be kinda slow but I think it will pay off later in time!

I love you all, have a great week!! Thanks so much for all your love and support.
Love, Elder Vawdrey

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