Monday, January 23, 2012

He's coming around the mountain!!

Family and Friends,

How it going?!! I hope you are all doing well. It has been a great week for us here in Columbus!

First of all, C and K got married on Saturday!! It was SO awesome. A bunch of their family was there along with some of those in the branch. They are such humble people, it amazes me. Following their marriage, we went to Pizza Ranch and had a delicious lunch. Once again, pizza...haha We eat pizza at least 3-4 times each week here. It's crazy. The people here love pizza, and I'm definitely fine with that! haha

Our branch president, K and C, and me with Elder Keele

But, we are now putting all the last things together for C's baptism this upcoming Saturday. I'm super excited for them. Just last night, we went over his plans for the baptism and just walking into their house, there was a different feeling there. There was more peace and love than I had ever before felt in their home. I believe that the main reason for that is because they are keeping the commandments. They are coming around the mountain to receive more blessings from our Heavenly Father! They are so willing to change and it is so cool to watch it happen! We are hoping that everything works out this weekend, hoping he gets the day off work on Saturday! They have plans for lots of family to be in town and we are excited to see their kids again. We are hoping that we will be able to start teaching them soon too. I think it will happen!! But we are super excited for C and K...and they are making plans to be sealed in the temple in a year!! So awesome.

One other experience that I thought was interesting this week was our experience with L. He is an older guy who is a trucker. He is currently renting out a place from a member in our branch and he has sparked an interest in learning about the church. We had a great visit with him the other day but he still had a hard time about Joseph Smith's story because he had never heard this before and he has never been super religious. Well, just a few nights ago, we visited him again and we watched the Restoration movie with him. It was powerful. Every once in a while I looked over at him and I could tell that he was learning a lot. You know when you have a spiritual experience and it's hard to swallow because your mouth is dry...haha yeah, I could kinda tell that he had this goin on, so I was super pumped. But I was very surprised to what happened after the movie. We bore testimony to him and it was just a great visit...but then he still had a lot of doubts and still had a hard time accepting it. He said it was a great movie, but he wasn't super interested. I was surprised by this and learning that everyone does have agency. Sometimes I wish I could take that away from the people we teach here...but I guess that wouldn't be right. haha dang it. But, we will keep visiting him and see if he ever changes!! He enjoys talking to us, but when it comes to Joseph Smith, he has a hard time with it. What he needs to do is just pray...which he said he would do and he is reading the Book of Mormon too. So if he just shows a little faith to get an answer, he will get it. So, we will see how things go this next week with him!

But things are going well here! It's starting to get colder. We finally got some snow last night, but only an inch. haha It sure has been a weird winter, or should I say fall? haha but it's been good. Hope you all have a great week!! Thanks for your love and support!!

And next week is transfers, so our Preparation Day will be on Wednesday next week.

Elder Vawdrey

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