Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day!

Hey everybody!!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!! I hope it has been a great holiday for you all.

First of all, the other day we met with some of our investigators: JG and "R". "R" is from Ecuador and he was telling us about the food he loves in Ecuador when we first walked in the door. And pretty soon he got talking about how us Americans just seem so big to him. We asked him how old he thought Elder Keele and I were and he said he thinks I look like I'm 30 YEARS OLD. haha What? hahaha My immediate thought was man, I wonder how old the people in Ecuador think Elder Andrew Adams is. So that was pretty funny. But as for them, they didn't come to church on Sunday...they don't seem super interested, but we will keep trying back.

On Wednesday this week, we went on exchanges with our district leader. We went tracting that day and it so happened to be that the wind got up to 50mph...and it was freezing. However, it didn't snow so I was super grateful, but it paid off in the end. We were able to visit with some great people and schedule some follow-up visits. We also received like 20 people to go see from our district leader's companion who previously served in this area several months ago. So we are really excited about that. Our list of investigators right now is pretty low, we think it's because of all the holidays...but we will do our best and hope to visit with the people we received from our district leader's companion!

We just got a new branch mission leader and he is great. He keeps us on our toes and the branch is putting together the year mission plan. It is looking so awesome and man, the potential here is just amazing. There is a lot of work to be done!

As for "K" and "C", they are doing great! They are going to get married this Saturday, and we are super excited for them. And then "C" will be baptized the next week. It's so cool to see how much they have changed and their open hearts. They are so open to the teachings of the gospel. That has been a great example to me as we have been able to work with them. As we have open hearts and are willing to do whatever the Lord asks, he will work through us to perform miracles and become people that we never imagined that we could become!

I know this Church is true and that God has a plan for each of us. If we keep going with what we know to be right, it will be all worth it in the end.

Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Vawdrey

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