Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why not use some Saltines?

Familia y Amigos,

I hope it's been another great week for everyone as it has for us here in Nebraska! The snow has melted quite a bit, but I hear the next couple days we are going to be getting some freezing rain. It gets pretty cold here. But actually not as bad as I had thought. Hopefully it stays that way. haha It's the wind that makes it really cold.

Anyway, 2 weeks until Christmas, that is so crazy. My companion and I have a missionary meeting with the leadership in our branch every other week and yesterday was the week it fell on and it went really well. Elder Keele and I were thinking the night before of what we want to give Christ for Christmas and how to help our branch more. We came up with the idea to invite and challenge the leaders in our branch to give away one mormon.org card before Christmas to a non-member that they know and engage in a conversation about it. The Branch President loved the idea and asked us to invite the branch as well in the combined Relief Society/Elders Quorum meeting. So, we are excited to see how the members respond to this.

Also, before church began, there was a couple at the church that was super sick but wanted to partake the sacrament because they hadn't done it the week before either. They asked Elder Keele and I to do it and we were like, sure. We looked for some bread. Didn't find any...but we kept looking for some, and then we found some good old SALTINE crackers!! haha yay. So, we used them. Another good memory now!

The work is really starting to move forward now here in Columbus!! We have received a few referrals from members, we are getting more appointments scheduled, and we have a lot more investigadors to see!! boo ya. As for an update on "C" and "G"...the ones that were set for baptism...they are planning to be baptized at the end of January. "C" and his fiance need to get married before he can get baptized. But, their family is solid. Very humble people. And "C" just got a job from a member in our branch! We were stoked about that because he has been looking for one for a while. His hours are very reliable and allow us to visit them often. Thank goodness!

Also, in our branch there is the two "M" families. They are both super strong in the gospel, and the dad's are brothers. They have another brother that lives in Columbus, but his family are not members. Well, they invited us over for dinner the other night and one of the other "M" families joined us as well. We had "Posoli" It was super good. But they put a lot of spices in it. It's like a soup. And it was funny because after I took my first bite, the soup went down the wrong tube, so I was like coughing and stuff and they were like..."Oh, is it too hot? We can make you a sandwich if you want." hahahaha. I was like "No, it just went down the wrong tube." Then, right after this, the same thing happened to my companion and then to Brother "M". haha It was hilarious!! But anyway, after dinner, we just talked with the parents for a while and then shared a lesson about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was super strong. And it was so cool. After we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, "J" (the mom) just opened up the book and randomly landed on D&C 89. I got a little nervous at this point because she opened up to D&C, cause we would have had to explain about that too. But she didn't say anything but pointed at the verse. In the verse she read it said: "And if you do these things, you will receive health in your navel and marrow in your bones...run and not be weary, walk and not faint..." She read this right after we explained the importance of the Book of Mormon and the blessings that come from it. So it was a way cool experience.

I see a bright future for this family and the great thing about it is that they have an immediate support system in the branch with two brothers! The "M" family then scheduled a dinner appointment with us for next week too. We are excited. This was one of my favorite experiences from this week. Missionary Work is great. I love it!

I hope you all have another great week! Thanks for your love and support!!

Elder Vawdrey

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