Monday, December 10, 2012

It's cool!

Familia y Amigos,

Hello hello! I cant believe it's Christmas time, but I hope that you all had a great week and are starting to feel the true spirit of Christmas.

Just last night, Elder Harker and I did some good ol' caroling at a few members' homes in our ward. Elder Harker made some brownies from scratch... a recipe that he got from his mom, and they are WAY good by the way...and so we wanted to give out some brownies to members of our ward to wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for all the support they've given us. After singing at their doors for like 2 seconds, they'd let us in and then we'd sing for them inside because it was FREEZING outside. It was -7F degrees yesterday morning with windchill. haha. But anyway, we shared a Christmas message with each member family and that was awesome.

Also this week, we did exchanges with the Elders in Phillipsburg, Kansas and that was "cool." With one of the Elders, Elder Evans, he had planned to go knock doors for most of the afternoon. So, I went along with it, and it was really cool to see the progress that occurred throughout the day. At first nobody was answering their doors. Soon people started opening their doors but weren't interested. And then, after a bit, people weren't interested but accepted a pamphlet. Until, after dinner, we prayed for guidance and the first house we knocked was a lost sheep and a former investigator. They are a family so that was way sweet! They unfortunately were busy at the moment and couldn't visit, but they told us they wanted us to come back and that they want to come to church. So Elder Evans and I were like, "COOL!"  And after that, Elder Evans and I were feeling good about the street we were on and so we decided to keep knocking. Well, as we were walking to the next house, we were talking about how cool this part-member family was and when we got to the door of the new house, they had a screen door that had the word "COOL" smudged all over it! hahaha. It made us laugh and it made me think about how God has a sense of humor. Cool! haha

And good news with H, our newest convert. She got her temple recommend yesterday and will be going with the Lexington Ward to do baptisms for the dead at the end of this month!! We are way excited for her. And we might be able to go with them. We aren't allowed to do baptisms for the dead as missionaries, but we would take H's son and also V to the Trail Center. So we'll see if that works out. And V had an interview with the mission president this week. So now we wait to hear back from the First Presidency if he can be baptized yet or not.

We didn't have too much success this week with the current investigators we have right now, so we are hoping to see them progress this upcoming week. We have received a lot of referrals from members lately so we are working with them, and that is exciting. We just need to keep pushing and put our trust in God and I know that we will have great success this next week and see people wanting to progress!

But, I hope that you all have a great week and good luck to those of you with finals this week. I'm grateful for each of you and your love for the Savior. He lives!

Elder Vawdrey

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