Monday, November 12, 2012

Becoming converted

Familia y Amigos,

Happy Veterans Day! We had no idea that it was a holiday today until we got to the library and saw that it was closed. So we were able to call a member in our ward to use their computers. But anyway, before e-mails today, we went to the Military Base here and wow, it was the perfect day to go. We had planned on going there today for a little while but we had no idea it was Veterans Day, and we also had no idea that they would have so much stuff going on there today. We were able to get some sweet pictures around military vehicles and we got there just in time for some donuts and a guest speaker who talked about how blessed we are to be a free country. So I want to say a quick thanks to all those who are fighting for our country and our freedom. We are so blessed. And I will have to upload some pictures next week. I'm not able to do it with the computer I'm at right now.

Earlier this week, we had a zone conference that was probably the best meeting I have been to during my mission. It was all based around Elder Bednar's talk from this past General Conference about Becoming Converted. He talks about the difference between Testimony and Conversion and how testimony is the sure foundation for conversion. In the talk, it mentions how we become more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also mentions the things that permit us from becoming more converted. I strongly encourage you to reread this talk. I learned so much from it. But I think the biggest thing that stood out to me about becoming converted is that it is all based around FAITH. We have to DO something to become more converted. It takes ACTION to become who we want to become. And another thing that really stood out to me was PATIENCE. Probably one of the most important parts of conversion is Patience. Because we can't just become converted to the Gospel overnight. It takes consistent daily efforts over a period of time. As we keep the commandments and submit to the will and timing of God, overtime, we will become more converted. One thing that I also realized is that we shouldn't focus on getting an "ENOS" or "NEPHI" experience, but rather we should focus on becoming worthy to receive such an experience. As we keep that mindset we will enjoy the journey and overtime gain the Conversion we hope for.

And then, the next day, the Zone Leaders came down to Lexington and did exchanges with us and that was an amazing experience. Several miracles came about and we were able to help several people! The work is going well here in Lexington. We have a member that gave out a Book Of Mormon to a co-worker and also invited a family to church. Unfortunately, the family didn't make it to church, but hey he's planting seeds!

We are being blessed here in Lexington. We have 3 people that are planning on getting baptized in the next few weeks. A 9-year-old girl has been taking the missionary lessons and it has been way fun to see her progress and see her excitement to get baptized on Nov. 24. And then H and P that live in Holdrege, NE are planning on getting baptized on Nov. 30 (my little brother's birthday!) whoot whoot. As for H, she is in the process of stopping her addiction of smoking. She has stopped before but she went back to it...but when we taught her the Word of Wisdom she told us that she won't buy any more packs of cigarettes! She has been going to church for the last several weeks now and you can tell that her countenance is changing! It is fun to see. So we are hoping that she can continue to fight off her addiction to smoking and we know that it is possible! I have seen people do it before on my mission!

And as for F and M, they didn't come to church yesterday. They, for some reason, fell back into their mindset of "we will go if we can.. we will see how we feel when we wake up." We have a hard time helping them want to commit to come to church. They read the Book of Mormon between visits, but they don't commit to come to church. So hopefully we can have some good visits this week with them, help them realize the importance and blessings of attending church, and then hopefully see them there this Sunday.

But other than that, things are going well. Elder Harker and I are enjoying our time here and hope to have another great week! And I hope you all have a great week too. I love you all.

Elder Vawdrey

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