Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Humility from children

Familia y Amigos,
Buenos Dias again and happy 1st day of October. Wow, I can't believe we are already into another month. Dang, time flies way too fast.
This week was kind of unusual compared to past weeks. We were able to visit with several less-active members and recent converts. But Elder Boyer and I have been trying to do better at working more effectively. We have been working with several people in the past that we only would visit like once a week and we realized that that isn't effective, so we have been making changes and seeing less people more often and it has been sweet. So I have been learning about the blessings that come from simplifying and I have greater concern and love for the people we teach because of it.
Anyway, we had one visit in particular that I really enjoyed this week. We had dinner with a less-active family and afterwards we watched "The Restoration" with them. It was really cool to see the enthusiasm of the kids as they shared what they liked and learned from the movie. We had a good lesson about the importance and blessings that come from prayer and that thanks to Joseph Smith, the true church has been restored on earth once again today! Prayer truly can change the night to day. And one thing in "The Restoration" that stood out to me this time is that the movie starts out by showing a little tiny plant in the ground and then at the end of the movie it shows that little plant again along with the big tree the plant became. It got me thinking about how change and growth is usually slow and occurs over time. Sometimes we want change really fast but that's not always how it works unfortunately...so I find comfort in knowing that we learn and grow little by little.
Then, on Sunday, it was the Primary Program for our ward. haha oh man... that's always a week full of laughs and the spirit. But I loved seeing the enthusiasm of the kids as they sang simple and true songs. There was one little girl at one point that sang a solo to the song: "I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain. And ponder on the beauty of the earth right after rain..." It was way awesome! So it was a great Sunday, and next weekend will be just as good with General Conference! I'm way excited.
And also, we are working with an investigator named V. He actually lives in a little town like 30 minutes away from us and he has been to church a few weeks in a row now. We are going to go do service for him tonight and then have a visit with him on Tuesday. So we are excited for him. I will keep you updated on him next week.
But I hope you all have another great week and that you can make time to watch conference!
Thank you all for your love a support!
Elder Vawdrey

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