Monday, August 20, 2012

Potatoes anyone?

Familia y Amigos,

Buenos Dias! I can't believe it's been another week and if I remember right, I believe Elder Corey Jackson returns home from his mission today! Holy smokes! I can't believe it. So Corey, if you happen to read this, I hope all goes well for you back in American Fork and thanks so much for your example. You are a great pal and I know that the Lord is watching out for you!

This week was kind of a unique one. We had zone conference and then we did exchanges with other Elders in our District and then with our zone leaders. So I learned a lot. It was our first zone conference with President Weston and I thought it went really well. The Spirit was strong and President Weston is a very humble guy.

We got a phone call from a guy in our ward this week to come to a truck stop and help unload potatoes out of a semi-truck. We were wondering what it was all about, so we went to check it out and apparently there was a huge truck full of potatoes that went to Walmart, but Walmart found a few potatoes were rotten so they denied the whole truck of potatoes. And I guess the truck driver was a Mormon, so he called up our Stake President, and then he called up some members in our ward to come by and pick up some free potatoes. So we got there and loaded up members trucks with 50 lbs. bags of potatoes! haha... Some of the members in our ward started knocking from door to door by the church and asking people if they want free potatoes. Many of them accepted and then the members would tell them that they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that our church was just around the corner if they wanted to come! haha And so that has been a sweet service project for us. And this whole past week after our visits with investigators and members, we ask them if they want some potatoes and that always puts a smile on their faces! So, if anyone wants some free potatoes, give us a holler! haha jk but funny thing is we had one guy actually come to church. I'm not sure if it was from the potatoes, but he lived in the area where the members delivered the potatoes. So anyway, we have just a ton of potatoes right now!!

As for the people we are working with, there are 2 stories that I want to share.

1) The recent convert, "W" went to the temple on Saturday!! We were so stoked! He's the one that said it was "in his heart" to go to the temple. Well, we went over Friday night to remind him about it and at first he said, "There is no way I can go. I have to do this and this and this." Well, as we got talking to him, I was just hoping that his heart would be softened and know of the blessings that will come by attending, and pretty soon he decided he would go! And it is amazing to look back and see how the Lord provided a way for him to go. He had a lot of things he needed to do... but after he committed to go to the temple, everything just worked out and he ended up not having to do any of the things he originally had planned to do. Everthing just fell through... so that was so cool to see. Because of his desire to attend the temple, the Lord provided him with the way to do it! And then we passed by to see him on Saturday night after he got back and he said: "It was SO beautiful! The most beautiful place I have ever seen!" It was so cool to see his big smile and excitement from attending the temple!

2) We went and saw our investigator named J, and we have met with him before. But in our visit with him, he had a lot of questions at first and it kinda seemed like he was trying to bash with us... but my companion and I decided to show him the Restoration movie and then talk about the Book of Mormon. And it was amazing to see how his heart changed. He told us that he would read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and then pray about it. And he also said he would be baptized. So, we were excited about that and hope that he reads the chapter!!

So, things are going pretty good for us here in Lexington.

We have recently been finding cockroaches in our apartment... and they are huge. It is flipping nasty. But we think it's hilarious when they try and run away from us because they run way slow!! haha So hopefully this cold weather will kill them off soon.. if not, we will!! haha

But, I hope you are all doing well! I love you all and am so grateful for your examples and support! Have a great week!!

Elder Vawdrey

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